Human resources are in the catering, hotel, luxury or tourism industries more than anywhere else the key to the success of your companies.

Hotel general managers, executive chefs, restaurant managers or yield managers, financial managers – the situation is always the same: with the return to growth, the hotel industry is facing a lack of senior executives, executives and other operational managers it had not anticipated.

The combination of our experienced HR partners with the expert knowledge of our recruitment consultants allows us to propose different tailor-made consulting services to remedy the issues linked to management.

Our HR advice

HR diagnosis

Are you faced with difficulties in recruiting for your restaurant? Do you record an increase in turnover in your catering store? Your hotel general manager seems to have difficulties to impose himself …

At the end of a human resources audit, our firm establishes an HR diagnosis which consists in measuring the gaps between the current resources of your company and your future needs in terms of jobs and skills.

HR Tools

Our firm develops HR tools meeting the needs of the hotel, catering and tourism industries: recruitment checklist and integration, welcome booklet, job descriptions...

Assessment of employees or candidates

AJ Conseil Recrutement & RH proposes a detailed analysis of the personality, behaviour and ability to evolve of a candidate or an employee.


Our consulting firm has adapted tools to implement personalised coaching services for your employees or any other person interested in his or her professional evolution.

Employer branding

More than 95% of the candidates verify the reputation of the company that they select or not.

In order to stand out and seduce the best talents in the hotel, catering, luxury and tourism industry markets, it is hence better for your employer branding to be strong and positive.

AJ Conseil provides different services to manage your employer brand:

  • Analysis of your online presence
  • Analysis of your e-reputation as employer
  • Review of the recruitment process
  • Animation of the corporate pages in the social media
  • Organisation of HR events

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