As a firm of headhunters set up in 1993 by Alain Jacob, AJ Conseil Recrutement & RH is dedicated exclusively to the search, assessment and selection of senior executives and executives in the fields of the:

  • Hotel industry (business, resort, boutique hotel, tourist residences…)
  • Luxury (palace, gourmet restaurant …)
  • Restaurants (catering, commercial restaurants, themed restaurants, fast food restaurants …)
  • Retail (food, catering boutique …)
  • Tourism (tour operator, travel agency, vacation village, spa …)

We also work in the field of service occupations:

  • Supermarket and specialist distribution
  • Agri-food
  • Hygiene
  • Health

Why a headhunter?

A headhunter specialising in the catering, hotel and tourism industries, also referred to as executive search, is a recruitment firm which applies the so-called direct approach method to find the talent corresponding to the expectations of its customer.

The direct approach is the best solution for sectors with recruitment difficulties like the hotel, luxury, catering or tourism industries, where the expert profiles (chef, central kitchen manager, hotel general manager, chef pâtissier, F&B manager…) are rather rare and often highly sought after.

The direct approach allows an identification of the “best candidates” in a specific industry who are addressed proactively because they are candidates who normally are not aware of the market trends and do not respond to traditional job postings.

AJ Conseil Recrutement & RH conducts a headhunting mission as follows:

Meeting with the recruiter on site to capture the values and the culture of the company

Detection and evaluation of the potential profile regardless of a location in France or abroad

Drafting of a persuasive argumentation together with the customer to convince the candidate

Definition of a precise approach scenario in order to guarantee the highest possible discretion towards both the customers and the contacted candidates

A headhunter for what types of position?

Our consultants conduct headhunting missions for operational positions, support functions and head office functions.

Headhunting for management and operations

General management (hotel, restaurant, caterer, tourism, central kitchen …), operations manager, network manager, community manager, spa manager, boutique manager, head of department (chef, reception manager, reservation manager, technical hotel manager …)

Headhunting for sales, marketing, communication

Head of sales, marketing, development, communication manager, sales manager, community manager, revenue manager

Headhunting for support functions

Administrative and financial manager, HR manager, financial controller, technical manager, culinary consultant, quality auditor, dietician …

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