Our recruitment methodology is based on a profound analysis of the professional background of the experienced candidates in the hotel, luxury, catering, retail and tourism industries as well as of their skills.

Certified by Syntec Recrutement, the methodology of our consulting firm has been documented in an internal procedure.

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Directory of technical and behavioural skills

Definition of your needs: we meet you in your company to familiarise ourselves with the work environment. We then draft descriptions of the function which are submitted to you for approval.

Definition of the requested behavioural skills: our objective is to ensure that the candidate proposed can be integrated into the vacant position and contribute to the effective operation of your team.


Our sourcing is carried out via our database including 50,000 candidates in executive positions.

This community is managed by a CRM which allows us to target our searches and optimise the search time.

Telephone conversation

Once the candidates are identified, we carry out telephone conversations in order to validate the relevance of the applications as well as the aspirations of the candidates.

One-on-one talk

We carry out one on one talks to the selected candidates.

Verification of references

We verify: diplomas, certificates of employment, professional experiences with former employers. This indispensable phase is carried out in compliance with the confidentiality due to the candidates.

Elaboration of a shortlist

3 to 4 candidates are shortlisted within a period defined together with the customer concerned depending on the urgency of the recruitment.

Presentation of the candidates

We present the most relevant applications accompanied by a personalised dossier (CV, record of the individual talk …).

Debrief/Progress Report

We carry out a debriefing with the customers after each talk with the candidates.

A progress report is submitted to the customer so that he can follow the activities carried out by our consulting firm.


AJ Conseil Recrutement & RH follows the integration of the candidate during the probationary period regardless of the latter’s duration.

Ensure the replacement of the recruited candidate

As headhunters on a high level we ensure the replacement of the candidate employed during the probationary period, regardless of its duration.

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