Because a candidate is unique and a professional career is not built overnight, AJ Conseil, the leader on the market for executive search in the hotel, luxury, catering, retail and tourism industries, has set itself as main mission to accompany you during each stage of your professional life.

Whether you are a senior executive, executive, expert, manager, or an operational specialist (manager of a hotel, restaurant, tourist residence …) or head of department (chef, general housekeeper, revenue manager, reception manager …) in search of a new job or simply monitoring the market, our team of specialist consultants from your industries is working every day to build your career together with you.

Our assets are also yours

AJ Conseil is the leading French recruitment firm specialising in your industries. Every year we perform around 120 recruitment missions for several hundred private and public companies in respect of executive functions.

With the Syntec Recrutement label, more than 65,000 men and women have placed their trust in us since 1993 to manage their careers.

The following are the main assets they mention in respect of our firm:

Leader in the recruitment market for hotels, luxury goods, catering, retail and tourism






years of experience

  • A firm on a human scale
  • A profound knowledge of the hotel, catering, luxury and tourism professions
  • Access to public job postings and other opportunities
  • A reliable recruitment process
  • CV read and analysed by professionals
  • Accompaniment close to coaching
  • Establishment of contacts to companies which are proactive in HR
  • A high availability
  • Guaranteed confidentiality
  • Pragmatic career advice

Our 10 commitments to the candidates

Conduct a physical talk to every pre-selected candidate
Go beyond the appearances of the CV
Ensure a high-quality candidate path
Propose functions in accordance with the personality and the motivations of the candidate
Inform the candidate about the progress of his/her application
Give constructive feedback after a mission
Respect the rules of confidentiality as defined by CNIL (French Data Protection Commission)
Transmit the most reliable data concerning recruiting customers
Accompany the candidate during the first months of his integration
Consult the candidate met during his entire career as far as this is possible

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